Friday, August 26, 2011

For Caseys

The picture Gary took because he loves the last two pictures in our wedding album: the parents exhausted but happy at the end of the day.
Pssst: Notice Colin's torn shirt. Gary
suggested that we might blame Jane for that.
But since this is [mostly] a G-rated blog, I'll
leave ornery comments to y'all on Facebook.

And some photos from Sunday afternoon:


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos! When we were married, all the family and friends gathered at my parent's farm after church for gift opening and more food. I loved that day and one of my favorite pictures is the snapshot of the family in the living room showing some snoozing, others with exhausted eyes, but everyone together one more time.

  2. The gift opening is like the epilogue to a great novel. I love it. And I loved seeing the happy couple, all glowy and gleamy and smiling. And the children running around with bows and ribbons around their necks.

    I never did hear how Colin's shirt got ripped! >:-0