Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vacation Time

People ask, "So, do you work today?" If I'm scheduled the next day at the bank, I might respond, "I'm off today. I go to work tomorrow."

After the last two days, I'm pondering that phrase.

Today I go to the rest-home. Today I go to the place where there's no lawn to mow, no garden to weed, no dishes to wash, no bread to knead, no driveway-asphalt to repair, no rugs to vacuum and shampoo, no laundry to fold. There's air-conditioning there. There's a mandatory one-hour lunch-time where you can sit and rest and are strictly prohibited from working. I've spent the last two days doing a lot of manual labor outdoors under a heat-advisory.

Today I go to my place of paid employment. And we call this place "work"?


  1. Sounds delightful! I am making myself sit with the sleeping Evan in a chair and resting. Frequently I tell my husband to have a nice day resting up at work. So true, so true. Enjoy the cool Susan and being forced to rest and get paid for it!!!! Awesome!

  2. I totally understand! When I worked at the hospital I was in a cool basement, got paid, someone else made my coffee, and I had grown ups to talk to. Sometimes I miss work. However, for this season of life, my heart is here at home!

  3. Yeah. I call my place work. Definitely.

  4. Pam, in spite of the intense work of mommyhood, there's no comparing the joy of the two jobs. Being at home with your kids, making a home, developing self-reliance skills, reading aloud, teaching hymns and catechism, even the icky parts of breaking up arguments and cleaning up a 1-yr-olds destruction of the bookshelf -- it's all so much better than the nice parts of the paid job.

    Nathan, I figured you'd comment, but I didn't have time to add a qualifier before I left for work this morning. Yes, your job is, most certainly, WORK.