Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Measuring Time by the Dirty Dishes

It's that season of the year when I can't ever find a clean glass.

We're not often using plates right now. Lunch might be a piece of fruit. Or maybe a sandwich that we pick up and eat, or maybe even get a paper towel for. But we're drinking and drinking and drinking. Lemonade, water, sweet tea, water, Sustain (Melaleuca's much-better version of Gatorade). When I wash dishes, it's all butter knives (for making sandwiches) and drinking glasses.

There are certain times of winter when the dirty dishes are all bowls and spoons and mugs. Oatmeal and soup and chili. Coffee and tea and cocoa.

How about that? Gauging the season of the year by my stack of dirty dishes.

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