Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Quote

Somebody says, "Not everybody is at the same place in his Christian walk. We can't be judgmental if God hasn't brought somebody to the same place of trusting that we are at."

So, is that a judgmental comment?


  1. Yes, because it assumes the speaker knows the fact that "God has brought somebody to the same place of trusting" that the speaker is at!

    And besides, isn't the whole concept of different levels of trusting is completely outside Lutheranism? We trust because the Holy Spirit works the ability for us to trust inside of us, not because we practice trusting and then accomplish more and better trusting as we go along.

  2. EC, I don't understand the concept of "different levels of trust." On the one hand, Jesus would say to some people "great is your faith" and to others "oh, ye of little faith." On the other hand, though, what motivates a person to say to another Christian, "You should be more like me"?

  3. By "different levels of trusting" I was referring to the concept of people "growing" in their "walk", and also, to me, the "same place of trusting" implies that the speaker is at a "higher" level of trust than the others.

    Boy, that's a lot of scare quotes. Sorry!

  4. Hey, the scare quotes are appropriate. After all, the kind of doctrine you're referring to is pretty scary....