Friday, July 15, 2011

Cake Is Not "Easy as Pie"

The other day Maggie was practicing decorating a cake. I think we may have to find her a teacher that's not me. There are several reasons why we are more likely to eat pie than cake, and one of them is that cake decorating is an artsy kind of job ... and that is not my forte.


  1. Making a cake (forgetting any decorating) is easier on the hands than peeling apples. Yesterday I made a peach cobbler. Takes me FOREVER to cut up fruit.

  2. I don't cut apples; I put them on my little apple corer/slicer. But you're right about the hands: I caused myself trouble with the cherry-pitting a week or so ago. Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, however, do not need to be cut. I'm looking forward to blackberry pie!

    Also, I'm beginning to feel your pain with regard to the cast iron skillets. The carpal tunnel problems I'm having make it very hard to lift the skillets when there's anything in them. We made crepes recently to go with all the strawberries; tilting those skillets was terrible. I'm not sure we'll be eating crepes again unless somebody else cooks them.

  3. Ah, crumbs. (No pun intended!) Wish I lived closer; I'd be happy to teach her cake decorating!

  4. Susan, you need one of these nifty gadgets.

    You dip it into the crepe batter, and it cooks on the hot, circular plate you see.