Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Housewife's Place

I recently noticed a "Morning Litany" found in Dr Korby's files. Here's one of the sections:

On all going out to work;
On all whose labor brings them into danger;
On all who will meet temptation;
On all who can find no employment;
On all children at home or at school;
On all who keep house;
And on all Christian homes:

My first thought was "Yes, this is a good prayer. Send Thy blessing, O Lord. Amen."

My second thought was to notice that the housewife's work was included right in there with the employees, the unemployed, the students, and those doing dangerous work. I'm trying to remember how often we see such petitions today. In the Great Litany, we do pray for mothers of young children. But when do we pray for housewives? Do we pray for them in the keeping of their homes, even if they do not yet have children or if their children are grown? Yes, what they do is important too (even if unrecognized in a consumeristic society), and we ought to pray for them.

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