Thursday, June 02, 2011


My friend Angie recently mentioned a hair accessory which I have quickly fallen in love with. The Flexi-8 comes in seven sizes, small enough to hold a tiny amount of hair (for pulling a small amount of hair back from your face), all the way up to a large enough clip to hold long, thick hair in a twisted French knot.

The clips are beautiful, long-lasting, and very easy to use.
I was also pleased with the company's service.

I'm done with short hair. I may look better with short hair, but it's too much trouble to keep getting the haircuts and doing the daily styling thing. Putting my hair up in a scrunchy looks too sporty for work. Putting my hair up in a bun takes too much finagling with bobby pins. Putting my hair up in a French braid is okay, but it takes a little longer than I want to spend [hey, I want to spend all of 23 seconds doing my hair each morning!] and a French braid is a pain to undo when you stupidly perch your glasses on the top of your head again, and the nose-pads get tangled in your locks again, and you can't get your glasses off the top of your head and back onto your face. (Bald guys don't realize how easy they have it when they approach Bifocals-Age!)

The Flexi-8 solves all these problems for me. I should be selling these things, I love 'em so much.


  1. I can't tell from their website. Are they plastic? Metal? Is the beaded section stretchy?

    I always get compliments when I wear my hair twisted up in a claw-clip, but I do have to admit the plastic clip is a bit cheap and lazy looking. At least, for things like WEDDINGS it is.

  2. Not plastic. At least, I don't think so. If it IS plastic, it's a really nice high-quality plastic. I think the figure-8 is metal, and I'm quite sure the "pin" (that threads through the "8") is metal.

    The beaded section is not stretchy. But it IS flexible -- due to its shape, not what it's made of. The figure-8 will twist a little. If it's lying flat on the table, you can bend the outer ends up or down. But you can't really pull the ends apart to stretch it, although the flexibility is such that (for the larger ones) you can squeeze the loops to make them a little rounder or a little more oblong. So that is kinda sorta like stretching it, but not really enough to be stretchy. It's just flexible enough to make it easy to put up your hair, and then stay where it's put.

    [stepping away from the
    computer momentarily....]

    I just went and looked at Maggie's because hers is a size larger than mine. Hers has the dolphin decoration in the center, so it has a few plastic blue beads for decoration. Mine is all bronze-colored metal beads. Looking closely at/through the blue beads, and trying to see in the half-millimeter (or probably smaller) spaces between beads, it appears that the 8-part of the clasp is made with a thin metal cord, and that the beads are strung on this cord.

  3. Thanks so much for the detail. It really sounds like a lovely, pretty little thing. Once upon a time women's hair things were things of beauty & fine quality. Sounds like these are that. I think I'll go pick one out. :-)

  4. I'm so glad you like it, Susan! :) It's the first hair thing I reach for more days than not. EC, they definitely look lovely enough to wear to a wedding. :)

  5. I've seen these before and found some really pretty ones on Etsy too. I just wonder how well they would work for fine hair.