Friday, May 27, 2011

Indoor People and Outdoor People

Some people love to be outdoors. My friend Karin wants to spend her whole summer outdoors and not come in. Last year, one of her kids lived outdoors for practically the whole summer.

I tend to be an indoor person, even though I know it's not good for me. I feel better when I go outside to exercise or work in the garden, or even just to sit and do schoolwork with the kids on the deck. I'm both physically and mentally stronger when I spend more time outside.

So why is it so hard to kick myself outdoors? If I enjoy going for a walk, why don't I do it? If it's uplifting to go pull weeds out of the garden, why not do it? Why does the indoor work always seem more important and pressing?


  1. Susan! Go on a walk! Perhaps I will stop by this summer and go on a walk with you. This evening I have been inside painting my kitchen. It has been raining pretty much non stop and now the mosquitoes are raining on my outdoor parade! Argh. Tomorrow bug spray and back to the trenches in the garden. You can do it Susan! You will feel better too. :o) Attempting to feel better here in Indiana.

  2. Just another thing we have in common, Susan. Let me know if you get some answers to those questions!

  3. I'm the same way, Susan. I think it's because we are constantly faced with the things we need to do inside the house, and so they keep us from getting outside as much as we should. Also, in my case, the computer is inside; its mere presence makes me feel I should be working!

    Hope you enjoyed the long weekend :)

  4. Impatiens planted on the north side of the house. Weeds out and tomatoes and peppers in the garden. And one sunburn that doesn't hurt and hopefully won't peel. It was a productive day and cheery. Tomorrow I'll have to rest up my muscles.

    I hope your weekend was good too!