Sunday, May 22, 2011

The End of the World

1. Somebody at work asked me on Friday if I believed the world would end on Saturday. Seriously? I wonder if she asked because I'm a pastor's wife and because I spend my breaks at work editing theology books and introits.

2. People at the store on Saturday evening were joking about the end of the world not coming. I also heard loads of talk from radio DJ's on Friday at work. (I prefer for the radio to be off at work, but usually the people I work with turn it on.) It sounds to me like people didn't believe the end of the world was coming .... but .... maybe ... just in case .... they were going to have a party on Friday night to enjoy their last fling ... just on the off-chance that the end really was imminent.

3. The media coverage is unfair to the followers of the false prophet in one big way. They expect people to be fearful of the end of the world. They write about people who spent all their money before The End so that they could enjoy it while they still had a chance. There's just no comprehension that some of us (even us mainstream normal Christians) believe the real enjoyment comes after the end of the world, and we look forward to it.

Lift up your heads, for your redemption draws near (Luke 21).

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