Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That Old Wrist

Between counting money and working a mouse, I'm feeling carpal tunnel problems originally developed in gardening. (And I'm not even weeding yet, or snapping beans, or anything!) In addition to the wrist brace, the anti-inflammatories, and an increase in B vitamins, I tried some acupressure. It's amazing to me how I can look at the little map of a person's arm, touch that point, and FEEL the tenderness at that exact spot (and not feel it at all an inch away). But after a few tries at using the acupressure, the pain and numbness seem worse instead of better. I wonder if that's coincidence or if I should have flooded myself with water (as you do after massage) or what?


  1. I know that you have to be very careful with acupressure - it's not only where you press, but the pressure that you apply, for how long, etc. I know the site gives some guide, but from what I've read, if you do even just one or two things wrong, it can result in pain. :-/

    Did I show you the stretches the massage therapy lady showed me how to do? They're very easy, and they have probably done more to help my carpal tunnel than even the therapy itself! Remind me to show you tomorrow after church. I do the stretches before I start work, and usually two or three more times a night (usually right at the end of my breaks). It's helped a lot!

  2. Thanks, Nathan, the stretches sound good to try. I bet I'll see you sometime soon, although there's not much chance to talk at church over the next few days (y'know, leaving in silence, and all).

    Are we doing Easter dinner at our house, or will you be going home and heading to bed after first service on Sunday?