Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garden Report

Bwwaaa haaa haaaa!

By the way, you people in Illinois and Indiana are making me jealous.

Last year, in the first few days of April, I tilled the garden and planted the potatoes and some cool-weather crops like peas and spinach and lettuce. This year, in the first few days of April, the ground was finally thawed but by no means tillable. Too muddy!

After several days of warmth and then several days of wind, the ground was workable last Tuesday (April 12th). I put out some lettuce seeds in the raised bed, but didn't get to tilling the regular patch of dirt. Since then we've had nothing but rain, snow, sleet, ice, and darkness. Potatoes ain't going in on Good Friday this year -- that's for sure!

Some of my perennial onions have poked up in the berry patch. Gary said he saw no sign of asparagus yet. The tulip leaves have come up, but nowhere near signs of flowers. Weedon said the lilacs were already blooming in southern Illinois, but our lilacs are just beginning to have the tiniest signs of life. I did see rhubarb beginning.

Maybe when we get past these ice storms and chills, spring will just have to bust out mega-fast! (Note to self: remember to hold open a flexible spot on the calendar for renting a tiller and playing in the dirt.)

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