Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Oh, sadness, oh, woe. I think yesterday I may have eaten my last donut.

I was working the polls. The town administrator brought in a box of hard rolls and pastries for us. Discipline; smarts; thinking nutritionally. I was a good girl.

For a while.

C'mon ... a box of crullers and Danish and Bavarian-cream-filled donuts and apple fritters. Finally I decided I could have one. Right? Just one. They were calling to me, begging to be eaten, looking delicious, smelling wonderful.

Dang it. I'm old. And donuts are sweet. And full of fat and white flour. And they weren't little donuts. I can't remember the last time I had a whole donut. I think it was at Emmaus, South Bend, so it would have been several years ago.

Ten blissful minutes of savoring that donut, and I paid for it all day with an upset stomach. I intend not to make that mistake again. (But I wouldn't be surprised if my tastebuds overrule my stomach again someday when I am weak.)


  1. In case you wanted to come back to Emmaus, we quit the donuts maybe six months ago, and now take turns bringing the Sunday morning treats. Some treats are sweeter than others, but mostly less sweet than those donuts. We did this for your sake, of course.

  2. The key to getting over pastries and donuts is working in a bakery! Oh I admit I have tried many and the end result was always the same, heartburn. Now... they hold no appeal, at all. Oh yes, the bakery is still a fine smelling place in the dark wee hours of the morning but you really do move past the desire!!

  3. Thank you, Sandy, for the kind concern of your congregation for me on those all-too-rare occasions when I may visit!

    Lisa, I think self-discipline (hard as it is) may be easier than changing jobs. LOL.

  4. Donuts are in my top 5 foods ever. Of course, I eat one just about every six months, but they're so good! Sorry they abuse you so!

  5. OH, apple fritters. They get me every time.

  6. I love donuts. Jeannette got me donuts instead of making me a cake for my birthday last year. That might have to become a tradition!