Sunday, March 06, 2011

Your Signature

A customer was really upset with me the other day. He was making a substantial withdrawal from his savings account, and I asked for ID. He's been banking with our bank for over 50 years, and he thought we should know him.

Now, maybe the long-term tellers really do know this customer I waited on. I'm a newbie; at this point there are only a few customers I recognize without checking their ID. But (here's the thing!) most of the customers don't know I'm using my computer to check their ID. So if I hit a computer glitch and cannot look up signatures and photo-IDs, then I have to ask to see your driver's license.

Wouldn't you rather the teller ask than to hand your hard-earned money to a stranger who's claiming to be you? I love it when I ask a customer for ID and the person thanks me for making them go to the trouble of digging out their wallet!


  1. That's good to know. I've always been a little uncomfortable about the fact that I can go to the bank and withdraw money without showing my ID. I didn't mind on vicarage, when the people at the bank knew my name when I first showed up to open an account. But here in Ft. Wayne, they can't remember who I am after just a few months.

  2. Don't you think that if he has been banking there for 50 years he should recognize that you're a new teller?

    For us - the bank president, one teller, and the new accounts person who sits right in the middle of the small lobby all belong to our church. The other two tellers all know us now too. :-)

  3. Please ask. I am NEVER offended when anyone asks for my ID. I am happy they care enough to make sure I am the right person (or maybe it's they care enough about their own job to make sure they cover themselves). Either way it's a win - win situation.

    Even in the bakery I get the same thing when a customer says, "Don't you know me? The other gal always knows how I order that". To which I want to reply...then come back when she is working! But like Glenda said, that long time customer should recognize you are new and thus grimace through the pain of having to repeat their order for the newbie.

  4. I once was bawled out by a customer for refusing her credit card, which was signed, "Ask for ID." She bawled me out when she returned with her boyfriend, who had tried to use it, without her being present, half an hour before.
    I guess I should have known that she wanted him to use it without her say-so.