Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Uncircumcised Lips

In Exodus 6, when God tells Moses to go speak to Pharaoh, Moses doesn't want to go. "How shall Pharaoh heed me, for I am of uncircumcised lips?"

Pastor spoke about that odd phrase. Who are the uncircumcised? Those who do not believe the promise God gave. Those who did believe would be circumcised as God had told Abraham and his descendants.

Pharaoh wasn't going to listen to Moses' message. When Moses went to Pharaoh the first time, asking a leave of absence for the Israelites, Pharaoh increased the burden on his slaves.

The children of Israel weren't too pleased with Moses. "Go away! Leave us alone! If this is the kind of help we get from you, we don't need it!" Once their straw was taken away, without a corresponding decrease in their brick-making quotes, the Israelites wanted to call down God's judgment on Moses and Aaron.

But it's not just the Egyptians and the Israelites who don't want to listen to God. Even the prophet Moses says that he is "of uncircumcised lips." Even Moses isn't too sure he believes God. Even Moses wants to run away from the message and not preach what he's told. Even Moses wants to escape the theology of the cross and find a more comfortable way.

But does God give up on them? Nope. Does God withdraw His promise? Nope. Does God do the good He intended to do all along, in spite of their massive amounts of unbelief? Yup.

Will he do the same for me? And for you? Yup.

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