Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kegels versus Squatting

Before I jog for 20 minutes, it's important to go potty. I have often felt irresponsible that I didn't do my Kegel exercises as my doctors and midwife told me I ought. But, hey, it's not so bad after all: it turns out that doing them wrong is far worse than not doing them at all.

Cheryl recently pointed out to some friends a website that explains the benefits of squatting. Kids squat. My 2-yr-old granddaughter squats all the time when she plays. It's practical and easy. We lose it as we grow older. Squatting isn't seen as proper and pretty and lady-like. But it's good for the tuschie-muscles, which is good for the pelvic floor.

Childbirth is easier for women who don't confine themselves to sitting just in chairs, but who squat in the garden or while reading to their kids or just for the exercise of it.

The results also appeal to our vanity, as gals look better in jeans when gravity hasn't had its way with your muscles that want to droop and sag. But flat-butt syndrome isn't just about appearances; it may very well prevent (or at least put off) the need for Depends.

The two interviews are a starting place if you want to learn more; plus, the sense of humor makes it fun to read. One thing that amazed me is that there are websites designed to teach people how to exercise the body enough to be able to squat. (Wow, I didn't realize people might have to work up to that.)

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