Saturday, February 12, 2011

You Know You're Old When ...

you're talking with your co-worker about enjoying history. She agrees. She tells you that they didn't learn enough history in school. She tells you that she has been watching a mini-series documentary on the Kennedy family, and she's been loving it, and why didn't they teach her any of this in school?

And I'm thinking, they didn't teach it to me in school either. A lot of it hadn't happened yet ....


  1. When I was teaching, the teachers and pastors always enjoyed talking about how old we were when certain recent events happened in history. Most of the other teachers were in college but I was only in 6th grade when the Challenger exploded. The headmaster of your school really enjoyed these conversations. Once she tried to talk about past politics with me but I was only in first grade when Reagan was elected so she gave up on that conversation.

  2. Funny! She still does enjoy those conversations. :-)

    She was in the library when the Challenger exploded. LOL -- I know that because we have a history factoid every day after chapel, when the headmistress has 3-7 minutes with the kids assembled before they head to their classrooms. Recently was the 25th anniversary of the Challenger explosion. But this was Pastor --not the headmistress-- who started the conversation with "So where were YOU when you found out?" and Kimberly's answer was the same as mine. I had to miss chapel the schoolday prior to Reagan's 100th birthday, so I bet I missed some fun bantering that day.

  3. My husband recently described looking out at his junior high choir and having the rude realization that in 30 years they will STILL be younger than he is now.

  4. I always had the goal of making sure my kids studied history through the Vietnam war because it made me mad that we always stopped just prior to that in both my high school AND college history classes.

    Then when Austin and Alex did 20th Century History, I realized that there are THREE decades (almost FOUR!) of important history that happened after the Vietnam War! I had to revise my goals... :P