Friday, February 11, 2011

Glorifying God

After God whopped the Jewish Christians upside the head with the evidence that His grace and mercy were for the Gentiles too, we read that the Christians of the circumcision party in Jerusalem glorified God, saying, "Then God has also granted to the Gentiles repentance unto life." (Acts 11:18)

I don't know about you, but I find it enchanting that it "glorifies God" to say that He is bringing sinners to Himself, saving people whether they're like us or not.

That's His glory.


  1. That makes me think of Psalm 130:
    If You, LORD, should mark iniquities,
    O Lord, who could stand?
    But there is forgiveness with You,
    That You may be feared.

  2. Once again, right to the point, Susan. Also, since I'm now on Facebook, I'm inviting members of the Big Blogroll O' Vark to visit my FB page and request friendship.

  3. Sean, I totally agree with your comment.

    But I guess there's some latent Calvinsim in me that leads me to see God's "glory" as something big and powerful and majestic and awesome. But that's not what the Bible says about His "glory." I guess that impression of "glory" says more about our own selfishness and dreams of aggrandizement than it says about what "glory" actually is. I appreciate it when my heads get screwed on straight (at least for a few minutes before it gets catty-wampus again).