Friday, October 29, 2010

But I Really Wasn't Job-Hunting

Cashing a check at the bank this morning, it came up in casual conversation with the clerks that I was applying for a job at the library. They were thrilled to hear I was considering a part-time job. But I'm not supposed to work at the library according to the gals at the bank. I need to apply there. They neeeeed someone. They pushed an application on me. They didn't want me to leave; they wanted me to fill it in right then, wishing that the manager could hire me today.

What's going on????

I wonder how long I have to wait before I know whether I'll get an interview with the library. (Hours and pay at the bank and library are fairly similar. A little less on-your-feet time at the bank. The library doesn't have incessant background music. The bank has more windows.)

Maybe it's time to get a job?


  1. Either job would be decent. Seems like the time may be right. :)

  2. Apply...interview for both, if the ask. If they both offer you a job...great! Then you get to decide which would be best!

  3. I figure I'll give it a week to see if I hear back from the library, and then submit my application at the bank. At least by then I should know whether I was passed over for the library, or when the interview will be.

  4. Sounds great! Apply! I am really glad I am working now. At this time in my life, it just seemed like the right thing to do. I bet it is for you too!

  5. But Debbie, your kids were all done with school. I still have two that I'm homeschooling. That's what's scary. Well, that and the garden and the bread-baking and the tortilla-making and all the other stuff I do because we can't afford to eat out or buy quick-to-prepare food from the grocer. (I'm feeling kinda whiny and full of trepidation here, I guess.)

  6. You know, Susan, I never intended to start working. But I went into the store one day, and they wanted me. So, I figured that was A Message. And it has been helpful. I hate working, because I can't do things The Way They've Always Been Done, but the extra money is helpful. I actually have some dollars I can spend frivolously, on things like books, and not feel guilty.
    Interestingly, about a month later, John got a phone call from our local library. When he was laid off 2 years ago, he applied there for an IT position. All of 8 hours a week, it would not have helped us much, but it was another interview, for practice. Well, they called this summer to see if he might be interested. Seems the guy they hired back then found a full-time job. So John took it, and he's been having fun there, too. His money is for things like photo printers and, once, a weekend away. So, yes it does disrupt your life. But not always in a bad way.