Sunday, October 24, 2010


I bought knee-socks to go with my skirts because I'm tired of spending money on hose and then having them run. Knee-socks are cheaper. One of the pairs of socks in the recently-purchased package was brown. So this morning, getting dressed for church, I pulled on the brown socks to go with my brown Birkenstocks.

One day. One short morning. I haven't worn brown for years. And in one morning I'm already tired of brown.

I think I got too much brown in the 70s. Enough brown to last a lifetime. Gimme blue, red, black, and white, please!


  1. Funny. I finally figured out, a few years ago, that brown is one of my colors. Ever since then, I have been buying brown, brown and more brown. Can't get enough of it.

  2. You're younger than I am. You haven't yet reached your brownness quota. I will take all my life's remaining Brown in chocolate-form and not in clothing, please.

  3. I wore lots of brown years ago too. It went well with my darker complexion, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. But as my hair is graying, brown doesn't look so good. Black is good - or like you said - actual bright colors - seem to work better.

  4. Good point, Sandy. Brown used to look okay on me. Now it doesn't so much. Maybe it's my coloring changing.