Thursday, September 09, 2010


We attended the Cardinals game on Tuesday night. Our seats were near a church-group of really nice folks. One of the guys from the church had gotten free tickets from the gas station (same as we'd done) but he collected way more receipts than he needed and got lots of tickets, and then set up an outing for friends from his church. I think it sounds like a great idea! It was an unusual game insofar as a coach, a manager, a player, and a fan were ejected from the game, all in separate incidents. I've been to five Brewers games in a little over a year, and it was kind of hard to root for the Cardinals against the home team. I'm becoming a cheesehead.....!

The tomatoes seem to be done. On Katie's walk home from work today, she noticed that everybody's tomatoes have the same fungus and wilt. I'm glad mine started producing early. With last year and this, I'm beginning to see that frost isn't the end of the tomato season -- now it's fungus that does the tomato vines to death.

The winter squashes are almost ready to bring indoors for storage.

Today we started ripping out the rest of this year's strawberry plants; that's where next summer's paths will be. The new plants have nicely filled in the empty rows we created in July.

Katie has an after-school babysitting job. The two little girls like it when Alia comes along. Katie says Alia is a nice distraction for the girls.

After two unusual weekends of company, Nathan has begun to adjust to working third shift and has also begun to adjust to the fiberglass dust at work. However, a different job would be a very good thing.

Choir has started. Happiness -- our introits and graduals will be out of New King James this year. Also, it's sweet to be back to having chapel every weekday again.

I took Andrew shopping yesterday to buy new shorts; it's clearance time. No wonder his shorts were falling off him -- one pair we bought was 2 sizes smaller than what he owned, and the other new pair was 3 sizes smaller! There's only so much cinching a belt can do when a fellow loses that much weight.

I've been having a hard time blogging the last month or so. There are all sorts of things I want to write about but they just don't flow out onto the keyboard the way they did before. And with certain projects (including lots of salsa-making!) and trying to get school restarted and with an overbooked calendar for mid-September, it's not easy to make time for blogging either. This should be remedied.

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