Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's finally growing! I planted seed, but the first few plantings never germinated. When one planting finally did come up, it bolted right away. Assuming I had been doing something seriously wrong, I played it safe and purchased a plant. A week after I put it in the ground, it too bolted. A friend told me it was just too hot for cilantro to grow. (That would explain why my cilantro thrived last year in such a cool summer.)

The plants went to seed, sat in the garden, and toppled over. Apparently all my cilantro plants reseeded themselves, because now that fall has come, I have lots of baby cilantro plants. They're not big enough to even think of harvesting leaves yet, but I may grab several nice bunches before winter takes over. Mmmm.

This weekend I gathered seeds off some of the older plants. I think I have plenty of fresh seed for next spring's deliciousness.

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  1. I keep thinking I should try to grow cilantro between my peppers or tomatoes. That shade might provide just enough coolness to get it to be ready just as the tomatoes and peppers are ready for salsa! But that would mean planning, and that is work...