Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This year we saw "All's Well That Ends Well" and "As You Like It."

Our friend Janelle and Maggie, at our picnic lunch during intermission in the "hall" of the "lobby."

"All's Well" was okay. But it was definitely the most lackluster play I've ever seen at APT. I certainly had no desire to go back and see it again the Very Next Day (!) which is my usual reaction to any play I see at Spring Green. When I heard some other patrons discussing the show, someone pointed out that one of the main characters (who is in her first year at APT) didn't seem to have a command of the Shakespearean language; I think he pinned down the problem. It was like she was acting -- good acting, to be sure. I guess I'm just used to the language flowing so well that there is usually no sense that the actors are acting; it's all too real and believable (even with some of Shakespeare's unbelievable set-ups).

I'm glad we saw "All's Well" the first week and followed with "As You Like It" the second week. It was hilarious! My favoritest actor in the whole wide world played Touchstone (the clown). And I have decided that nobody can portray giddy teenagers-in-love as well as APT; it's great! Several kids from church are headed out on a school fieldtrip today to see "As You Like It"; Maggie and I are jealous and would love to tag along. I hope they enjoy as beautiful a day in the woods as we did!


  1. You know, it makes me like David Daniel even more to know he is a veteran.

  2. Yes, we liked "As You Like It" the best this season. We went the second time today. The place was packed this time. I asked during the talk back if they tape a performance to analyze. Matt S. said not really. There is one performance taped for the "archive". It is only watched by the understudy if they need to fill in. :( [for not being able to see it ever again]