Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Such a Wholesome Story

While sorting through piles and clearing the school bookshelves, I found some old notebooks that we'd used for writing. Here is an unnamed child's story from several years ago, spelling and all:

One upon a time ther was a prises [princess] who liked to get drunk. she was in a bar wen the ugly princ came in. the princes was so drunk tha she bafed all over the prins. He called his gard and they took her to prison. then the prince drank two Beers and imidietly got drunk. the prince was so drunk that he comited alot of crimes, and went to jall. The End

Good grief! Amazing to think such a child could --only three or four years later-- go to college, write papers (properly spelled and punctuated), and do well. And to think that some homeschool moms fret over 8-yr-olds who are writing with similar aplomb.

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  1. This is AWESOME! lol I have a few teens who write songs, um with potty talk themes. :/ I hope there really IS hope!