Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Even though it's been 14 months since Dad died, I still find myself referring to "my parents' house" or "my parents' church" or getting a card from "my parents." I wonder when (if??) the words "mom's house" or "mom's church" will someday roll off my tongue naturally?


  1. Eventually. But not always.
    And sometimes when "mom's house" rolls off my lips, I'll wonder if the person I'm talking to wonders where my dad is.

  2. Dh's grandpa died in February and in May we went to visit his grandma. A few weeks ago I said we took our vacation in May to visit his grandparents. Then the person I was talking to asked how old his grandparents were. It took some explaining then. It's difficult.

  3. I think I changed to "Mom's" house after Nana moved to Round Barn by herself. This house is still "ours" and you are still "our" daughter most of the time. Occasionally things are "mine", but I find comfort from the 50 years of "ours".