Monday, June 07, 2010

Leap Year

Cute movie! It's a romantic comedy that follows a typical story-line of how being together creates affection and love. (This frequently prods Gary into commenting on the harm that comes from men and women in the same workplace, spending all day together instead of with their spouses. And these kinds of story-lines frequently prod me into commenting about why/how arranged marriages actually worked.)

But anyway, the reason I mention this movie is because, when it was over, Andrew said, "That was a really clean movie!" And when I thought back, I realized how right he was. Clean, funny, and good. "Leap Year" would be one I'd recommend to my mom ... assuming she could get a copy with closed-captioning. (With the Irish accents in the movie, sometimes I missed dialogue.)


  1. I wish you would have posted this last week when I was on an airplane and trying to decide if it was worth the $2 for headphones. I watched it without sound if that counts.

  2. Alex has been deployed twice, and I think being apart creates a different kind of love. At least for us it did. On the other hand, I think Gary might be on to something. I thought about Alex's work situation...imagine men and women spending seven months on a Navy ship together without their spouses. Not surprisingly, It's bad news for a lot of couples.

  3. Meghan, do you think it was easier on marriages once-upon-a-time when the guys were deployed together/ and the women were left home together? I mean, there's still the separation, and like you said, that's a different kind of love, but at least the guys weren't surrounded by women that they were working closely with in life-and-death situations.

  4. Yes, I think it was better when the men were gone and the women were home. I think having men and women together in those situations can be very destructive to marriages. I especially think men and women living in such close quarters (like on a ship) for such a long time just shouldn't happen.

    A ship is bad enough, but they just started letting women on subs too.