Saturday, April 17, 2010

Too Much TV

Hemmed and finished the second dress on Tuesday while I was hawking CCA materials at the district pastors' conference.

Thursday I had a lovely day with a friend from Janesville who came to visit.

Been doing house-cleaning, bread-baking, soil-loosening, compost-spreading, and pruning. And I've barely made a dent in the yard chores.

There has been a lot of car-shuffling and bike-riding as we have been trying to have the green car repaired. Thought it was all fixed, but three times shortly after I picked up the car, the engine died going around a corner, so it's got to go back on Monday.

I got spoiled watching TV while sewing last week. I watched
Ballet Shoes
Man vs Food
10 Things I Hate About You
Kate & Leopold
Julie & Julia
Bedtime Stories
Shakespeare's Women

Bedtime Stories and Ballet Shoes were new to me and most excellent! 10 Things and Kate & Leopold are always fun. Shakespeare's Women was an actress's reflection on her Shakespearean roles, a little dry; the best part was Portia's speech on mercy from Merchant of Venice.

I started watching Ballykissangel near the end of my sewing stint and wish I'd found it earlier. It was a hoot! I wonder if it's such a crack-up for people who haven't lived in a parsonage in a small town and lived under the machinations of church bureaucracy? Now I'm wanting to watch all the episodes and dive into other seasons, but there's gardening to do and schoolwork to do.

Here's the picture of the winter dress. Don't you love the fabric?! I'm disappointed in the sleeve length; it's longer than anything I could buy, but still not long enough. This picture makes me look like allergies have swelled up my eye; I think it's just the lighting; I don't really look like I've been punched.


  1. It looks great! I DO love the fabric.

  2. I think the dress looks great! And the sleeves seem just right to look at...
    All these movies/shows sound good to me as well. We used to watch Ballykissangle on PBS and loved it even though we aren't clergyfolk...

  3. Nice dress! How great that you can still watch/listen to something and still sew. By my age, I need 100% concentration.