Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Garden Report

In a brazen theft of Melody's idea, I'd like to try a weekly farm report garden report.

One tulip has bloomed. The other should be lovely tomorrow or Friday.

Somebody thinks the tiny daffodil blossoms are a tasty snack. (Where is my huntress and why is this daffodil-eater still alive??)

Hostas are coming up nicely. I have to call Ann and tell her to come take whatever she wants before I start thinning; the hostas were quite overcrowded last summer.

Kids and I worked on digging some of last year's compost out of the box today. We loosened soil around the grapes and blueberries, weeded there, and then worked in some of that lovely compost.

The potatoes I planted on Good Friday have not even begun to poke up their little sprouts through the thin layer of soil over them.

Itty-bitty spinach and romaine and beets are beginning to peek through.

Rhubarb is beginning to leaf out.

We weeded out a lot of the parsley that made it through winter and started growing again. Some is still in the garden, and some of what was culled went into tuna salad for lunch. Mmmm.

A four-foot strip of cilantro was planted today, with lots more to be planted later for the tomatoes.


  1. It's been in the mid 80's this week here. Planned to dig up enough for one tomato tomorrow, since I'm guessing the soil would be perfect for digging. But I MAY have something more exciting to do. Karen's amniotic fluid is lower than they'd like, so will recheck in the morning and decide what to do. Maybe a baby!

  2. You oughta be ashamed, stealing my idea! But I forgive you. :)
    When will you plant more cilantro? I have always wanted some to coincide with the tomatoes, for salsa, but it bolts so quickly in the heat. How do you handle that?

  3. Melody, I never grew cilantro until last year. I have no idea when to plant so as to coincide with tomatoes. But let's put it this way -- I don't have any problem using up large amounts of cilantro. Right now my thought is to plant a new little patch of cilantro about every three weeks. It's not likely that I'll follow through on that, but it would be effective in making sure I had some when the tomatoes were ready to be salsa-ified.

    Mom, already? Wow. Seems kind of early, but I suppose they want to be extra careful with such an old mommy. Keep us posted on the news!

  4. Got my tomato spot dug up. Soil is perfect. Now to wait until May to plant the tomato. Also scooped up bags of pine needles. They must have been 4 inches deep. I wanted to clean out shed today, too, but got pooped out. Also the bumblebees must have a hive near the shed entrance.

  5. Mom, does that mean you have honey?

    I saw a humongous bumble bee by the rhubarb today.

    We have plenty of wasps. The bees we need for pollination. Even the wasps can be helpful for pollination. But I want the wasps to stay away from the house doors, and I want them to be more interested in flowers than in poking me. There are two tiny new wasp nests by the garage door that are going to have to go.