Monday, January 18, 2010

To the Fort

Finished up the bulk of the work on my current editing project. The last steps can be accomplished while I'm out of town this week.

Van is packed full of CCA material. I'm off to symposia to fill in for the deacon for the week ... and to see old friends! The hard part is always the self-discipline -- making ourselves sleep at night instead of trying to squeeze in every last minute of visiting we can.

With hopes of coming home at the end of the week both
-- satiated with the joy of being with buddies, and
-- not drop-dead exhausted.
This is my goal! (And it would be all the cheerier if I hit good traffic through Chicago. But I don't want to wish for too much and push my luck....)


  1. Have a fun and safe trip. BTW the big guy with the goatee working the CPH tables is my son :)

  2. Hey, Barbara, Jane Casey and I went over and met him. I had noticed this cute guy who just seemed like such a sweetie. I hadn't seen a computer until I'd been gone for two days, so I didn't know about your note here. But then I got to say howdy. Jane says his smile is just like yours. You must have a lovely smile then!