Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Split Heels

Winter means split, cracked, painful heels. Taking good care of your feet prevents the worst of the problems, but the dry air from the furnace still wreaks havoc on your feet as you get older.

This year I decided to try comfrey. Comfrey is an herb that encourages skin-cell production; it's good for healing cuts and other skin wounds. I had good luck with it before. I poured olive oil over a shot glass full of comfrey leaves and let it soak for a few days. Using a drop or two of that oil on my heels every day [well, you know how it goes, maybe it's actually 4-5 times a week] has done wonders for the cracking and splitting!

The only problem is that the cat likes to sneak onto my dresser and slurp up the olive oil. Weird Rosie!


  1. I've never had trouble with skin splitting on my heels. On my hands is another matter, but if I'm vigilant with the lotion and the rubber gloves when doing dishes and such I can usually manage it pretty well. Split heels sounds very painful!

  2. That's funny. Summer is my worst time for cracked heels. Usually 2 or 3 weeks into sandal weather my heals crack to the point of bleeding. I attribute the cracking to being barefoot all. the. time. No shoes to keep the moisture in.

    Preventive care is the best means that I have found to care for my feet. Pumice stone or metal file to remove dead skin followed by thick lotions/ and or a mild acid with cotton socks. I really hate my feet.

    I will have to try your comfrey/ olive oil elixer come May or June.


  3. Erin, I put down on the calendar that I should bring a package of comfrey leaves to the FML potluck and ed.fair in February.

    By the way, when I was reading Ken's newsletter this afternoon, I noticed that their church calendar says FML is scheduled for Feb 21. The date in the announcement was Feb 14. So which date should I have marked on my calendar?

  4. The 14th. My organization for this FML thing is terrible. I am embarrassed.


    P.S. I have the darnedest time trying to post comments on your blog lately. Usually I give up.