Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Regulations for Homeschoolers

An excerpt from an article in the Fort Wayne newspaper today:

We say we value individuality, yet we refuse to acknowledge this in education. Even worse, we have loads of evidence demonstrating that it’s often the misfits, the bad test-takers, the restless, etc., who often end up making valuable contributions to the world. Yet we have faith in regulations even when they stifle these individuals.

Home schooling in Indiana is an alternative that frees families from this over-regulation and creates the flexibility needed for individuals to truly learn. This is why home schooling works, so it’s completely illogical to propose that families need to preserve the right to home school by taking away the very essence of its effectiveness.

The author also says that increasing regulations would only be interfering with one alternative out there for families who desperately need more flexibility

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