Friday, November 06, 2009


I enjoy reading friends' posts about what they did all day. So I thought I'd give it a whirl too.

Looked at email and blogs. Showered. Chapel. Always a day-brightener to chat with Kara afterwards, even if only a minute or two; would we buy tennies with flashing lights in the heels if they made them for grown-ups? Carol had second-day Panera's (third day?) so we took some bagels. Drank in the perfume of the recently-mowed lawn at church. Home. Kids showered. I went for exercise walk. Bagels alongside some schoolwork. New step in Greek translations with Andrew; he joked about "accoutrements" in the wake of mistaking "man" as a neuter noun. Washed all the bed linens and hung them on the line. Some dusting and cleaning because kids were working mostly on their own for a while. Paid bills. We played online geography game. Hummus and leftovers for lunch while watching episode of Muppet Show. Maggie to choir at church. While waiting, Andrew and I listened to US at War. Borrowed Mrs Hughes' map. Andrew ate more Panera's. Deposit at bank. Why is it cookie day there? Home again. Arranged dentist appointment for Paul during his Christmas break. Grammar and other short lessons with Mag. Grab the sheets off the line before sunset and dew-fall. Philip called to vent about a problem at work. Fetched the CSA box. Didn't feel up to cooking supper, so it was just mac-&-cheese, stir-fried egg-roll guts, and corn on the cob. Watched another episode of Muppets. Read more schoolwork, including Iliad. Running the dishwasher tonight instead of doing them by hand. Need to put the sheets back on the bed and climb in and snooze.


  1. Share your "stir-fried egg-roll guts" please.

  2. In the previous post you were worried about not getting enough academics done. But if this is a typical day I think you're doing great! Greek, geography, history, grammar, literature, Bible, music (choir), cultural literacy (Muppets), home ec, and even health (personal hygiene aka kids taking showers). YOU GO, SUSAN!