Monday, November 02, 2009

Holy Hill

Last Tuesday, on a rare day of sunshine!, the kids and I headed to Holy Hill. It has been nearly 30 years since I last visited the place, and I've been meaning to take "the kids" to visit since before Andrew and Maggie were born. (My apologies to the four kids who haven't yet made the pilgrimage there.)

St Michael:

An autumn view from the top of the tower:

Susan and Maggie on our way down the tower:

The main church. It's full of beautiful artistry. Sad, though, that the focus on the Virgin Mary overwhelms attention to Christ. As we were "reading" the stories in the stained glass, it was particularly sad that there were windows about the conception of the Theotokos and her crowning in heaven while there was nothing about Jesus' ministry; the stories skipped from Jesus' young childhood to Pentecost.

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  1. My favorite story from Holy Hill was when I took the girls there. We passed a sculpture of St. Francis of Assisi. Claire said, "Look dad, there's Martin Luther."