Monday, October 19, 2009

Site Meter

We all cracked up over the xkcd comic strip about people ignoring the very-real prize advertised on the site to the 100-millionth visitor. You should really go read the comic.

At 8:36 this evening, I had my 100,000th visitor to my blog. And I don't know who it was -- someone from an unknown continent, unknown country, unknown latitude and longitude, unknown ISP. All I know is that the person was using Firefox on a WinXP machine and came directly to my blog instead of being referred from another URL. It's odd; usually I can make a good guess as to who a visitor is, or at least know what kind of information they were googling when they found my site.

I don't have a prize. Instead, I only have a picture of the tree that has brightened our days. Literally brightened. But, oh, the picture's not even flashing as prizes are supposed to....

Last year, the tree across the street, that I can see out our bedroom window, was utterly gorgeous. I figured it had to do with the weather. But this year it is just as beautiful. It is SO vivid and bright that, on all those deeply cloudy & dark days we've been having, you almost get a sense that the sun is shining on that tree. In the midst of the gloom, it feels like the sun has broken through the clouds if we look out that one particular window.
(The picture doesn't do it justice...)


  1. The bluish-green pines in the front really help set off the color!

  2. I have one of those sugar maples in my front yard. Before we moved rooms to the back of the house, our bedroom would GLOW orange for about a week in the fall.
    Then the wind would pick up and blow all the leaves off. Sin stinks.