Saturday, October 24, 2009

History or Current Events?

Andrew and I sat down to listen to our current tape in the US at War series. We're studying the time leading up to the Revolutionary War. It seems that the Sugar Act (an attempt by Britain to increase taxes collected from the colonies) was imposed at a time when the colonies were already experiencing recession/depression. And guess what? When they increased taxes during a depression, it destroyed the economy that was left, knocking some businesses out of business, which then had ripple effects on other businesses.

Now, who would ever have guessed that increasing taxes during hard economic times would do that???

Do you suppose the governor and the president and the leaders of congress would like to gather round my kitchen table and listen to some of our history tapes??

PS: We also had to laugh at the colonists' insistence that they shouldn't have to pay "involuntary taxes." Now, think about that phrase: involuntary taxes. Is that not a redundancy?

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