Thursday, October 29, 2009

"I Can Read" books

Sam the Minuteman (Revolutionary War, colonists' side)
George the Drummer Boy (Revolutionary War, British side)
The Boston Coffee Party (Revolutionary War)

Chang's Paper Pony (CA gold rush)
Josephina and the Story Quilt (1850, emigrating to CA)
Follow the Drinking Gourd (underground railroad)
Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express (1860)
Long Way to a New Land (1868, Swedish immigrants)
Long Way Westward (1869)

First Flight (1903)
One Bad Thing about Father (Teddy Roosevelt)
Clara and the Bookwagon (1905)
Dust for Dinner (1930s)
Hill of Fire (Mexican volcano, date ?)

Millicent Selsam's
Let's Get Turtles
Plenty of Fish
Greg's Microscope
Seeds and More Seeds


  1. Noted!

    -Alex's Grandma

  2. "Follow the Drinking Gourd" is also the name of a folk song pertaining to the same subject.

    The riverbank will make a very good road,
    The dead trees show you the way...

    The origins of the song are unclear. The "Drinking Gourd" itself is the Big Dipper.