Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Visit from a Friend

On Monday, my friend S had a chance to come visit. We were seldom able to get together even when we lived relatively near each other. So it's a real treat when she is able to make a quick trip to the Milwaukee area.

One of the things I learned from her is what's killed my cucumbers and is in the process of killing my watermelon vines. Apparently there's a fungus among us this year. After what she mentioned, I've discovered that other people are having the same problem, and I'm lucky that it hasn't bothered my beans or tomatoes or herbs -- just my cukes, squash, and melons. We were wondering what-on-earth we were going to do with all those watermelons... Well, I guess this is a lesson in "Don't count your watermelons before they're hatched."

This reminds me (in an ADD way); I'm not killing grass for a garden expansion. Wonder when I'm going to get to that?

My friend can play organ and piano, and one of the things I appreciate so much when she visits is her request before leaving: "Let's sing a hymn or two together." Hooray! Yes! Let's! Why don't I do that with other friends? (Maybe because it's easier when somebody can play the piano for it?)


  1. We have friends who make their living growing vegetables and selling them. They said the strange weather this year was good for all the plants except for melons. Plus it was easier for him to work when it was cool. He said he would gladly sacrifice his melons because everything else grew twice as well. He didn't say anything about his squash, but I've noticed he didn't have much squash to sell this year.

  2. I'll sing hymns with you if you come visit me! :-)