Monday, September 28, 2009

Jogging Again?

One day down. Only 160 or so to go.

I need to jog. Outdoors, not on a treadmill. When the sun is up, not before chapel or after Gary gets home. I jogged for four years, and I had more energy, more lung capacity, a better outlook on life, and didn't feel so chilled during the winter. A year ago I was forced to quit for health reasons. But now I'm looking at the impending arrival of winter and short days, with no garden or lawnmower enticing me away from the kitchen sink and the laundry room, and I'd best git to gittin' on reestablishing the jogging habit.

I seriously doubt my ability to keep at this. The time-crunch seems crunchier than ever. But now I've said it right out loud, in front of y'all, so maybe I'll keep at it (except Sundays and Thursdays) so that I don't have to hang my head in shame when asked how it's going.

Hey, at least I could keep going for the whole mile today. So even after the year off, I'm still in way better shape than I was five years ago!


  1. This is one area where I so wish we could collapse the distance between us. It's so much easier to keep at an exercise routine if your friend is counting on you to do it with her.

    But - yay for the whole mile!

  2. Oh, Sandy, that probably would help! The original plan was that biking to chapel each morning would be our exercise this fall. But the back pain I developed from the biking meant I had to jettison that idea pretty quickly. Maggie was my biking partner then: not that she was counting on me -- she was actually finagling to get out of it. Now I'm back to trying to convince myself that the exercise is a higher priority than the list of schoolwork, trying to kick myself out the door when we "should" be doing science or math or grammar.

  3. Finally, after many years of hating exercise for exercise's sake, I find myself actually wanting to take up something like jogging.

    But my feet, oh, my infernal foot, arch and ankle problems. :( Grrr. At this point, I'm not sure I'm even able to manage brisk walking without injury.