Thursday, June 04, 2009


So far this week we've had baked salmon, mashed potatoes, lettuce salad, deli-meat sandwiches, ham & beans on cornbread, lentil soup, spanish rice, hamburgers, fried eggs, pbjs, creamed spinach, fruit smoothy, and some frozen veggies.

As we divvied up the seconds on the creamed spinach tonight, we wondered how much less we would've eaten if we'd had to share with Philip. Which made us wonder (especially after Philip's last stint cooking for himself in an apartment) what is he eating this week? Hopefully he IS eating.


  1. I knew a guy in college who bought 7 frozen pizzas each week.

    (!!!) But I'm sure your Philip knows better than that!

  2. Potatoes and rice.

    To which I then add veggies and beans and various spices.

    I also have watermelon and tomatoes. Romas for 80 cents a pound was too good to pass up.