Thursday, January 08, 2009

Garbage Day

I didn't get the trash out for the weekly pick up this morning before leaving for Bible class. When I saw the neighbors' cans out, I thought about going back to take care of the trash. But there was little enough that I knew we could skip this week's pick-up and probably be okay, so I decided not to make myself late. But when I came home, I discovered that Maggie had taken care of it! With no reminders!

Isn't she an awesome girl?


  1. We are only allowed one trash can a week before we have to pay $1.50 per extra trash can-on top of what we pay for trash monthly. Last week after Christmas we had a lot of trash that couldn't be recycled. We got the trash out too late. So we had all that trash plus another week's. We paid a lot for trash pick up this week. I hate to waste money on that. Wish the boys were old enough to do what Maggie did!

  2. One of my very favoritest things is when someone does something without being asked. Yay, Maggie! You are awesome indeed!