Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Levi Johnston

Been running errands this morning, thus the radio has been on, thus I've been hearing what's going on "out there" in the world.

I am SO not upset about the "scandal" of Bristol Palin being pregnant. I think few Republicans are. It's just the media trying to rile us up. And it ain't working. (By the way, I think this week journalists have probably beaten out the stereotypical used-car salesman and ambulance-chasing lawyers as the lowest of the low, with the least credibility and respect of any profession in our country.) Okay, so the kids committed a sin. But really, now, what's the likelihood that these journalists who are throwing stones have been entirely free of fornication throughout their own lives? Like, fat chance!

So, the big scuttlebutt is that Levi is going to be at the convention tonight with Governor Palin's family. Everybody's talking about whether this was a good plan or a bad plan. Well, good grief -- this is obvious! Bristol is getting trashed in an unprecendented way. She needs her man. And is he hiding from the media? Is he hunkered down, out of the eye of the cameras, leaving her out there with only mom & dad for support? No. He's there too, holding his sweetheart's hand, standing there with her, supporting his wife-to-be when she needs him the most. None of us know this young man. But if his being there as part of the family tonight is any indication of the rest of his character, then I think Bristol has found herself a real winner of a man.


  1. You would not believe the beating those two are getting from the young bloggers out there. One had a close up shot (from the convention) of the fiance's ring finger, where he had Bristol's name tattooed right where the ring will go. Most are appalled that these two are getting married at all. Very sad.

  2. I've given you a blog award, please visit my blog post of September 4 to see it.