Friday, September 05, 2008


Nathan is still looking, but has a good lead for a one-year job at sem (for the next school year while he is on leave from classes).

Philip's temp job ended this week, and he's looking again.

Paul found two work-study jobs. One is working to help tape a daily broadcast for the campus cable-tv channel. The other is working as a research assistant to one of the history profs -- something that he's really excited about, and was supposed to be a job that went to an upperclassman.

Gary had his six-month review at work and got very nice feedback from his boss. He earned a raise: a bigger percentage raise than he ever got before in all his life, and also a bigger dollar-amount than he ever got for a raise before.

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  1. Glad for the good news for Gary and Paul! I wish Phil could find the right thing and that it could be permanent. This has to be frustrating for him.