Saturday, September 10, 2016

Glorious New Hope

Gary bought a new lawnmower last night.  When he told me what he spent, I was aghast.  But he chose it, and that's the way it is. 

I used it today to finish the second half of the lawn that I began mowing yesterday.  It is beautiful.  It is awesome.  I love this machine.  A couple of times while I was out there mowing, a few tears of joy leaked down onto my cheeks.  I am absolutely elated over this lawnmower.  This is so worth the price-tag.

I didn't realize until this afternoon how horribly bumpy our yard is.  Yes, I've known it's not smooth.  But the chipmunks and the sandhill cranes have done quite a number on it this year, and it's wretched.  Pushing a mower up and down the hills in our yard --especially over all the divots and hidey-holes-- takes a huge amount of effort.  This new mower has rear-wheel drive that's variable based on how fast you want to walk.  It is amazing.  I mean, really, it is amazing. 

We have been toying with the idea of moving into a condo in an old-folks' community.  We have considered moving into the village (where the water is nasty and the neighbors are too close) just to have a smaller yard.  We have considered hiring someone to do the mowing for us.  After an hour with the new mower, all those [overwhelming and unwelcome] ideas are out the window.  Even if this mower is cruddy and doesn't last, so that we would have to buy a new one every year, we are still way ahead financially over moving or hiring a lawn service.  And it IS that easy -- the mower pushes itself, and all you have to do is walk along with it.  No man-handling it.  No trudging up hills.  No fighting those blasted holes that the critters made in the yard.

If I can mow the yard in a day by myself and not be completely wasted by it (as opposed to spending ALL my energy for three days every time I mowed), I might have time to do wild and crazy things.  I could work on overseeding parts of the yard.  I could clean house.  I could do more projects at church.  I could tackle the mess in the basement.  I could [gasp] read a story???!

I love this mower.


  1. SMK from JVL9/20/2016 7:06 PM

    I can't believe this, Susan, but I am now willing to consider letting J. buy me a self-propelled mower to trim around our dozens of squirrel-planted walnut trees!!I think it was your tears of joy and gratitude that put me over the edge.

  2. What have you been doing up till now, with the size of your yard? I thought you had a riding mower.

  3. Oh, you know what's cool about this mower? It's a variable speed self-propelled. At one point we had a self-propelled at the parsonage, and it just kind of had power of it's own. This is better, because if you want to walk slower, it goes slower. If you want to walk fast, it goes faster. If you want to back up, the self-propelled shuts off for the backing-up. It is so far superior to the self-propelled we used to have!

  4. I don't think this was mower than you deserved

  5. [groan]

    I had to read that so many times before I heard the pun...