Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A President's Character -- 1

My friend Cheryl wrote an article and spoke on Issues Etc about character.  The first question Todd asked was, "Why do you reject the idea that character no longer matters in our nation's leaders?"

I was stymied by the question.

I listened to Cheryl's response.  I agree with much of what she said, but somehow I didn't find it to be a fully satisfactory answer.  After pondering through some of my chores and projects today, I still do not have a satisfactory answer, but I'm getting closer.

First, though, it should be jaw-dropping to us that we have come to a place where this question even needs to be asked.  If character doesn't matter, then it's okay to have a scoundrel in charge.  Think of that for a minute:  "Shame on you for questioning whether we should put a scoundrel into office.  Why should you be leery of that?!"  Obviously, throughout history, bad dudes have often led countries.  But that might've been due to a coup or because of a king's divine right.  It's usually not because those who were being governed chose to have scoundrels governing them.  We prefer to have honorable men as our leaders.  Duh!

But if we're going to ask questions where the answer should be so obvious that the question shouldn't need to be answered, ... what is the answer?

Quotes from the founding fathers about morality.
Quotes about corrupt leaders.
Bragging about immorality.
Immorality of leaders undermines their own authority.
Voting for a person, not a platform.
A reason to refrain from abusing power.


  1. I didn't find it to be a fully satisfactory answer either. :-) Several points I wish I had managed to include that I didn't. One main one was what you talk about in your 4th character post here--that we have gotten to a point where it doesn't seem people need to keep up the appearance of morality or good character to get elected. That's what I was talking about in the article with the lack of shame. It's very scary to see that.

  2. I was so surprised by the question that I was at a complete loss. I was proud of you for coming up with as much answer as you did, right there on the spot!