Monday, August 03, 2015

Recent Events

Elizabeth's arrival is the best of the recent events.  But, oh!, I do wish I had the strength and endurance to go help more, visit more, snuggle more. 

Gary's hungry.  He's having some health problems that require [deep serious voice--] Dietary Changes.  Right now it seems like there's nothing he can eat but veggie salads.  Nothing with sticking-power.  Yeah, but how much of that is real, and how much is scientists and chemists trying to figure out the art of medicine?  Once he gets the pain under control, I suppose then we can begin experimenting.  I'm wondering: if we fix guts, might the rest of the body straighten out too?

Sister, brother, and I divided up most of the belongings of my mom's house.  I've heard stories from other families about what happens when a parent dies.  Oh my goodness -- I am so thankful that we can get along and be nice to each other!

Maggie and I have an appointment coming up at Easter Seals to see if they have any programs that might benefit her. 

Between Gary, Maggie, Rachel, and me, it seems like we're seeing doctors or making appointments or receiving test results practically every day.  My head is swimming. 

Pretty soon I will be leaving my job.  Working and homeschooling and healing-from-stroke was at the utter limits of what I could do.  There was no margin.  Mom' death and helping with settling things just didn't/won't fit in.  So something has to go.  Since Maggie's not expendable, and since I have no magic wand to [poof] achieve full healing from my brain injury, the job is the only thing that I can take a break from.  I will miss it.  I will miss some of the customers.  I will miss the paycheck.  But mostly I will miss the nice feeling of having finished a task completely and correctly.  I keep reassuring myself that I can always reapply for the job when some of these family matters are wrapped up.

Google tells me that the European Union has instituted new rules for cookies on websites.  That means bloggers must inform readers about cookies and obtain consent.  I don't know how to do that!  And I don't have the time or brain power to bother with figuring it out right now.  So my counter (which is, I think, the only cookie I have) had to go bye-bye.  If you leave an anonymous comment, please sign something on the bottom so I know who you are, so I can allow the comment to go through.  (You could use initials, or first name plus last initial, or "Friend in Janesville," etc.)  It's getting tempting to just shut-down the blog or make it private (readers by invitation only).  But I'd need to save a lot of information first, including printing out recipes.  And that too is too much work right now. 

Katie, Maggie, and I watched "Pride and Prejudice" at APT last weekend.  Sarah Day does such a great job with fussy, busybody women-characters!  And Marcus Truschinski is the best Mr Darcy I ever saw.  

I'm working on lacto-fermenting veggies.   The corn relish was made with fresh-picked corn from the farm.  I made it a few years ago, and it was my favorite pickled recipe.  It's great to make another batch.  I should get my hands on some more corn while it's still available.  The pickle-batch I set aside today was sauerkraut.  Fresh, unheated sauerkraut is so much yummier than the cooked/canned soft kind.  I think broccoli slaw may be my next attempt.  There are so many possibilities that sound good.  And non-vinegar pickles are so much tastier ... as well as being super-healthy.


  1. "Google tells me that the European Union has instituted new rules for cookies on websites. That means bloggers must inform readers about cookies and obtain consent."

    I didn't get this notification (that I know of). In what manner did it come to you?

  2. When I logged in to write a new blogpost, there was an explanation at the top of the page. I think I spent an hour following links and reading.

    I looked at your blog, Cheryl. I don't see a counter there. As far as I can tell, the counter is the only thing I had that would leave cookies. There are blogs that have ads, and those often leave cookies on a reader's computer.

    Click on "dashboard" on your blog and see if you have a note at the top of the page. If not, maybe they sent the note to me only because I have something on my blog that sent cookies? Even if you don't send cookies, though, Google does on blogspot. So they have developed a banner for the top of all blogs (which will appear only to people reading from the EU) that gives notification of Google's cookies and requests permission from the reader.

  3. No note that I can find. I don't have a Blogger counter but I do have a site meter.

  4. I thought all the "new blogger" sites had counters. I resisted switching to "new blogspot" until they told us we weren't allowed to keep the old one anymore and we had to upgrade. When I upgraded, the format was different. When I go to write posts, there's the list of drafts and already-posted articles, and in a column toward the right of the screen there's a "view count" and a "comment count." If yours doesn't do that, maybe that's why you haven't gotten the letter from Google??

  5. Oh, hey, another thought ...
    Have you had hits from people in the EU? If not, maybe they figure it's not worth notifying you??

  6. Susan, I hardly ever look at my site meter, so I don't know. But I also don't remember every switching/upgrading to the new blogspot. Mine doesn't look like your describe.

  7. And I obviously didn't proofread that comment very carefully. . . . .

  8. 1. I didn't notice.
    2. Your point was clear anyway.