Saturday, September 06, 2014

Recent Events

Desiring to be free of care&upkeep on the deck, we got a bid on a patio instead.  Even with Gary doing all the work to dismantle the deck, the bid was eye-popping.  So it's time to wash and seal the deck.  The weather has not been cooperating: too much rain.  Because we must utilize the days when there's no rain forecast, Gary finally consented to allow me to do some of the painting.  He is building the deck's fence on his own, though.

Because both our workplaces were closed for Labor Day, we took the opportunity to visit our parents.  Drove there one day, visited his dad, drove to my mom's, visited there, and returned the next day.

This week was also our chance to use free tickets to see a Cardinals/Brewers game.  I couldn't deny my Cardinal fan the chance to attend the game.  We only stayed for part of it, though.  I am pokey.  And Gary didn't want me getting run over as people exited at the end of the game.

Choir started again this week.

We've been trying to reestablish school routine for Maggie, including her return to Curves.  (I'm not ready for that yet.) 

Abundant rains have meant more lawn-mowing than usual.  Gary has not allowed me to help with that yet.

This weekend we are attending an "ends-in-zero" birthday party of a dear friend.  While in that part of town, we will finally (after 3 months!) get the chance to see Rachel and Matt's apartment.

Our plumbing/septic failed.  Plumber was here and could not fix the problem.  We can take water in, but it has to be carried out of the house.  No toilets.  The plumber said we wouldn't have to go to a hotel -- implying that any sane person would.  I hope this can be repaired Monday ... and not Friday or the following week or whatever.  When the repairs are done, that's when we get to clean up sewer-water and sanitize toys and floors and walls and bathtub and shower.  Ick.

And next week I extend my "mini-days" (4-hour shifts) at work to "shortened days" (that is, 7-hour shifts).

I was supposed to talk to the library's volunteer coordinator next week about setting up some opportunities for Maggie.  Lack of plumbing, though, puts volunteering-arrangements on the back burner.  Top priority is being available to the repairmen.

I haven't baked bread in a couple of weeks.
I have done no house-cleaning.
The garden is sorely neglected.
So much happened this week that I'm trying hard now to do nothing.

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  1. Dear Susan, this blog post is truly what one would call a "mixed bag." I rejoice with you in the happy parts, and groan for your sake over the icky ones. So sorry about the plumbing. I would not take that well. If it's not Monday, is there someone you could stay with until the repair man can come? (Oh, please, God, let it be Monday . . . .)

    No cleaning here either. What's scary is how increasingly comfortable I am getting with the mess.