Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Pictures of the Grown-Ups Around Here

Philip stopped by the Celestial Seasonings Plant on his vacation.

Rachel has an addiction fondness for one of their teas, a tea that is seasonally available.  In other words, she has to hoard all she can find in November and December, to last her through the year.  Philip and Katie and I help her hunt, to add to her hoard.

This tea is available year round at the factory.  Philip bought a lot.  Six cases.  Thirty-six boxes.  Two teabags per day for a full year.

Philip knew there would be a surprised and happy face, so he asked me to make sure to bring the camera to capture The Look. (Most of the photos didn't turn out.  Too much blurring from the jumping up and down and squealing.)

I'm now at 18 weeks of hair growth.  My hair is long enough now to usually look like
a) a 7-yr-old boy's "rooster look" or
b) a mohawk
Therefore, it is usually hidden.

Today it curled fairly nicely.  Except for those blasted  "Sally Brown flips" over my ears.  If my hair would do this most of the time, I think I could give up on the babushkas and hats.

A friend was taking pictures of other people at church, when Gary butted in and heckled her to snap one of him. Man, it turned out nice!

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