Saturday, September 20, 2014

Crucifix Shopping

Shhh: don't tell the computer or Big Brother.  I have figured out how to get NICE ads in the sidebar of my computer.  If you go shopping for a few hours on eShakti, they start sending you gazillions of ads.  If you keep clicking on them, pretty soon the ads go away that want you to [ahem] meet singles or buy Bounty or subscribe to some liberal magazine.

Tonight I spent a couple of hours looking for crucifixes.  On ebay.  On Amazon.  On various Catholic church-supply sites.  And now I have crosses and pretty dresses popping up as ads.  Nice!

While shopping, I discovered how
few people knew what a crucifix is.  There were plenty of empty crosses listed under "crucifix."  There were also the kind that some of our kids received as baptism gifts from the congregation -- the kind with a kneeling child in the center.

"I don't like that cross, Mom!  I don't want to die on a cross!"

Uh, yeah, that was when those crosses went away.

I also discovered somebody's crafts: turquoise and yellow beads, strung together like we used to make at summer camp to be key chains or lanyards.  In a cross-shape.  Turquoise and yellow.  Ugly as could be.  Mixed in with the crucifixes.  Good grief.  It takes a lot of sifting to shop for something online.

PS: If you need an introductory coupon for eShakti (which also offers free customizing on first-time orders), let me know.  You'll get $25-35 off your first try, and I'll get a $10 referral coupon.


  1. Susan, I would love one of those coupons. Please and thank you. :)

  2. I sent a referral to eShakti, and you should be getting an email from them shortly, Melody. :-) It's fun browsing!!

    Oh, and by "free customization for new customers," that means BOTH the style adjustments (different neckline or sleeve length if that's an option) as well as sending them your measurements instead of ordering a standard size.

    If you send them measurements, heads-up on the shoulder-width. I measured wrong on Maggie and hers came a wee bit narrow in the shoulders. One of the sewing experts at church today said that shoulders should be measured across the top of the shoulders, the distance across, at the point where shoulder seams would go, from one shoulder joint to the other.