Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Old Backyard

Disturbing to see our former backyard splashed all over this week's news.

Two boys were playing in the tree-line on Wednesday.  One was shot.  The most recent news reports have the uncle saying that the boys were target-shooting, and the victim ran across the line-of-fire.   The WISN story is here, and the WTMJ story is here

I did almost nothing on Thursday except for checking the news and trying to understand how this could happen in "my space" and feeling vulnerable.  But that's nothing compared to the grief both families are enduring.


  1. Your backyard, really? :O

  2. Yes. OUR backyard. (Well, our former backyard, where we lived for 17 years before we moved here.) That same day, I had started scanning in pictures of Baby Andrew because Olivia wanted some pictures of him to use at the wedding. It was weird to be scanning photos of our backyard on the one computer while seeing pictures of the same backyard on the news reports.