Thursday, December 12, 2013


Yesterday began with

Home for showers and getting dressed. 
Then round two:
Goodwill (where we found a flute and a clarinet!)
Salvation Army (which was closed)
Fleet Farm
a neighbor's house.

Home to bake the cinnamon rolls, wash the used stroller we were giving as a gift, and wrap presents for the child our branch adopted for Christmas-giving.  (For me , it's so much happier to give a child things he needs -- like diapers or a snowsuit or a stroller -- than it is to give frivolous mind-rotting gifts that are requested by so many, things that I refused to give my own children.)
to work to drop off gifts
another grocery store
the home of a neighbor who sells honey

Home to make and eat supper.
Church for Advent service
and choir practice.

Today I have to pick up the messies I left all over the house yesterday.


  1. This isn't a normal day for you, is it?! If we leave the house ONCE in a day, to run one errand, I'm done. Once is pretty much my max. That being said, I could hop around all day if I didn't have the kids with me...coats on, shoes on, carseats buckled, car seats unbuckled, coats off because kids get hot, coats back on to leave errand, etc. etc. etc. Been there, done that, right? :) Once is enough.

  2. No, this is NOT normal. This is stressful. But it was productive. And it means that I only have one more Christmas-prep errand to do, and that is stress-relieving. :-)

    And as for how easy it is for me to do errands in comparison to you ... NO FOOLIN'. There have been a few times I take the girls with me, and it does take a LOT longer to get other people's coats and shoes and seatbelting and pottying and stuff. It's shocking what a breeze errands are when there's only one of you. Now I know why some moms want to leave the kids with Dad and do errands alone. (I think it's healthy and educational and "social" for kids to do errands with their parents. But boy, oh boy, it does take more effort on Mom's part.)