Saturday, June 15, 2013

School Accountability

"Private and voucher schools do not have the same accountability standards that exist in the public schools."  This time the quote was from the Pewaukee school board president, but you've heard that talking point a gazillion times before.

"They don't have the same accountability!"  They say it like it's a bad thing.

Why doesn't anybody ever respond, "Darn tootin'.  And maybe that's actually part of the reason they provide a better education than do the public schools"?

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  1. People at work complain about their public schools all the time. I have sat there before and listened to groups of them just bash on their schools non-stop and the horrible job they're doing with their kids.

    I usually nod and say, "Yeah, that's one of the reasons we're going to home school."

    It's amazing how fast they backtrack, then.

    No, no. I know we made it sound bad - but really they're very good schools! Much better at educating our kids than any parent could ever be.

    I have honestly been part of conversation where one person has said, "I could do a better job teaching my kids than these people" and when asked "Well, why don't you?" they immediately revised what they'd said.

    A lot of these people are very intelligent. I have no doubt they could better educate their kids. Ah well... :(